Block paving and permeable paving offers a high quality and extremely durable finish to trafficked areas such as commercial car parks or driveways.

We are seeing it specified more often in new developments and we enjoy installing it as it offers a great finish and sense of satisfaction once installed.

As with all paving products and types the foundations are critical.

Crushed rock must be installed from between 150mm to 400mm deep and compacted using a plate compactor or roller. Then a layer of geosynthetics is places and a ‘bedding’ layer of smaller stone or sand is installed to a thickness or around 50mm and compacted before being screeded to the correct level and fall using screed rails.

Then the blocks are laid in either a half bond, herringbone pattern or spiral patterns.

The most important factor for block paving is that it is retained in place on all sides by kerbs or edgings to ensure long term stability.

Our skilled block paving installers make it look effortless and produce a great finish that is timeless year after year.

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We provide several construction services including building driveways for residential and commercial properties. We build all types of driveways using the most modern tools and high-quality raw materials. Our experts are dedicated to providing quality services to your complete satisfaction. We have completed countless projects around the UK and have established a reputation for ourselves. Contact us today for any construction project, whether residential or commercial.

What is Screeding?

Screeding is just another method of preparing the ground for Block Paving Screed Rails surfaces. It involves the construction of bedding on the driveway surface and then paver blocks are installed on the bedding. The bedding is usually 5-10 mm high which is compacted to reach the desired level. Screed boards are then dragged over the compacted layer to scrap any excess sand/bedding material for creating a levelled and smooth top layer on which paver blocks are to be placed. Wooden planks are mostly used on screeding rails for block paving.

    How It is done

    • The base is prepared which may include excavation,sub-base compacting, grading, etc.
    • Screed guides/Rails are set up at the required height
    • The bedding sand is added, usually a layer one inch thick
    • Screeding is carried out with wooden boards, which are usually as long as the width of the screeding rails or more. Screeding is done till the entire surface has been levelled
    • Block Paving Screed Rails are removed and the next step is to lay the pavers

    Block Paving

    Once the screening has been carried out, the paver blocks of your choice are laid down on the prepared surface. Block paving is one of the most common and highly affordable methods of paving surfaces such as patios, driveways, and pathways. Paver blocks are available in numerous designs, shapes, and patterns. Block paving is not only cheap to install but also requires little to no maintenance. Paver blocks last much longer and can be replaced if one breaks.

    Block Paving Screed Rails

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    Our construction team has been carefully put together after great deliberation. All our engineers, architects, construction workers, etc are qualified and dedicated professionals who have spent considerable time in their respective fields. When it comes to blocking paving using the Screeding rails for block paving method, we have completed numerous projects for commercial and residential properties to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Hire us for stress-free paving of your driveways and patios.

    Quality Supplies

    Block paving can last a lifetime, especially when the screed rail method is used. Better ground levelling ensures that cracks do not develop easily. We procure the best block pavers from the top vendors in the UK. These are available in standard sizes, designs, and patterns. You have many options to choose from and we guarantee their durability. We use top quality Block Paving Screed Rails.

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    We provide installation services for block paved driveways as well as supplies. As far as our services are concerned, we have priced them for maximum affordability. Compare our prices to our competitors and you will get the point. We procure raw materials from vendors with whom we share a historical relationship. Our influence permits us to avail various discounts. Rest assured, we will do our best to provide you with a package that suits your budget.

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