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Our expert team specializes in providing construction services to commercial and residential clients across Aldershot. We use several surfacing techniques for providing you with the best landscaping for your garden. We build driveways and patios like no other construction company. Through immense diligence, we have gathered together the best professionals and built an in-house team which is dedicated to providing reliable services. Our team will provide you with the best block paving in Aldershot.

Block paving- One of the best materials for paving

Block paving is used for creating pavements and hard standings. It is a highly decorative surfacing method and is also used for landscaping. Paving Bricks or blocks are made from several materials such as concrete, composite, and clay. They require little maintenance and have high durability. Their tensile strength also makes them an ideal option for building driveways. These features and many more have made block paving common across the United Kingdom and Europe. Hire our services if you live in Aldershot for reliable Block Paving Aldershot.

    How can your home benefit from block paving?

    • Ease to replace: if any block cracks, we can easily replace it with a new one without disturbing the entire surface.
    • Versatile: Provides your driveways, patios, and garden with a clean and tidy look, adding to the exterior aesthetics of your home.
    • Low cost: The cost of installation and maintenance of block paving is highly affordable and can fit any budget.
    • Broad choices: Block pavers are available in a large variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colours.

    Where can you use block paving?

    • Walkways/Alleys: Being highly strong and durable, it is often used to cover walkways and alleys. Paving blocks give a unique aesthetic appeal to your walkways and alleys.
    • Patios: They are a prime choice for building patios. You can use different blocks with different colours to give your patios a unique multicoloured look.
    • Driveways: Paving blocks are an incredible choice for building driveways. In fact, block, and paved driveways are the most common type of driveways across the UK.
    • Landscaping: The versatility of paving blocks and their availability in numerous options make them the perfect choice for landscaping.

    Regardless of which structure you want to build using paving blocks, hire us for the best Block Paving Aldershot.

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    Choose the block paving designs of your choice

    Block paving is available in several designs such as:

    • Stretched bond pattern
    • Basketweave pattern
    • Herringbone pattern
    • Many other modern designs


    Our block paving procedure

    Our block paving specialists in Aldershot have devised the perfect step-by-step procedure for ensuring the perfect fit for your block paving installations.

    1. Precise Measurements: As a first step, our block paving specialists in Aldershot will first measure the area that has to be covered with block paving for ensuring that we get the right number of blocks.
    2. Ground check: Site conditions always have to be checked regardless of project size. This is done to ensure that your patio or driveway has the right foundation. The ground soil will also be checked for any contamination or water leakage to make sure that the final structure is long-lasting.
    3. Ground Preparation: The foundation soil will be compacted and levelled to form a solid and flat foundation. The ground will be levelled and the foundation will be installed while ensuring proper water drainage.
    4. Waterproof membrane: Depending on the structure we are building; a waterproof membrane will be installed before installing blocks. This is often done when building driveways. The special membranes ensure proper drainage without retaining water.
    5. Block Paving: Finally, the paver blocks are installed to build your patio and driveway landscaping.


    What makes us the best Block Paving Contractors in Aldershot

    • A team of the best professional builders, architects, engineers, and designers working together in complete synchronization.
    • Our professional construction team is led by highly qualified structural engineers.
    • We employ the most modern construction tools & equipment for providing block paving Aldershot services.
    • All raw materials and supplies are procured from top-quality suppliers.
    • Our services are priced for maximum affordability.


    Confused? Have questions? talk to us!

    If you are confused regarding using block paving for landscaping or building driveways and patios, pick up the phone and give us a call. We would be glad to answer all your questions about block paving. You can also send us your enquiries through our website.