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Driveways are the residents’ first impression, and first impressions are usually the last ones. They play an important role in the overall picture of the homes. 1M block pavers understand the importance of block paving and are ready to take the responsibility of installing just the right paver for your place.  We never fail to surprise our clients with the best block paving Hampshire services.

Our Flawless Block Paving Process

Our highly trained and skilled block paving installers in Hampshire team goes through a systematic process to install paver blocks perfectly. Our first step is to take accurate measurements of the area and do calculations. Then our process begins with levelling off the ground and cleaning the soil. This is prepared till it is ready to hold the pave blockers firmly. Then a sub-base is laid. This sub-base is important to ensure the block pavers are balanced and uniformly spread. We are fully aware of the chances of weed growth in the soil, so we lay down special-purposed membranes that help inhibit weed growth. The top most layers are then properly treated, which gives a fine texture to the pave blockers. Finally, we settle down the pave blockers with the best equipment and make sure they are ready to compliment your residence.

    What Services Do We Offer?

    For our customer’s ease, we have grouped our services into two major categories. Our services range from concrete block paving to contemporary and customary styles. We provide additional options, which include standard bock paving, tegula, permeable, cobblestone paving and so on.

    Concrete Block Paving

    In our exclusive block paving category, we have three major types. They are relatively pocket-friendly pacing options. The first is rumble blocks, in which the blocks are defined on the basis of round edges. Their soft edges give a classy older and weathered look. Blocks with their edges split are standard blocks, and they give more established outlook. Pavesett is famous among both categories. The permeable blocks are the third category and are advised in homes where there is minimal surface water runoff.

    Contemporary and Customary Styles

    With the use of natural stones such as sandstone, limestone, or granite, we fulfil the desires of our clients to get either contemporary or customary styles. We truly value the suggestions or wishes of our clients while working with them.

    Block Paving Hampshire

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    Why Should You Opt. for Block Paving?

    Block paving is very common in Hampshire. It is the cherry on the top of your well-built homes. With multiple benefits, it is encouraged to use block pavers.

    • Attraction and Diversity

    Block paving in Hampshire provides a wide range of shapes, sizes and colour options. They always provide the best decor opportunities.  With diversity, they reflect different kinds of attraction, which is not readily obtained by any other method.

    • Easy Installation with Low Maintenance

    Block paving is a method that is pocket friendly and requires low maintenance. Once installed, it only requires a simple wash to get a fresh look. There is no need for repainting, waxing or polishing block pavers.

    • Long Living

    In addition to easy installation, attraction, and low maintenance, block paving is long-living too. These pavers last for at least 20 years.  They reflect the same freshness and charm for a very long period.

    • Spacious Effect

    Our block paving specialist in Hampshire designs and sets your walkways, driveways and patios with such tactics that they give the effect of being well spaced and airy.

    What Makes Us Competent in the Market?

    • Insured Services

    All the services our block paving installers in Hampshire offer are insured and guarantee the repairing and replacing the block pavers.

    • Environment-friendly Products

    With beauty, we also assure health, so our products are environment friendly. They are biodegradable and emit less carbon content in the atmosphere. Moreover, they are porous in nature, preventing water accumulation during the rainy season.

    • Free Consultancy

    1M Civils block paving contractors provide you with the finest offers and help you choose the best one for your residence. We give you the most genuine advice regarding block paving in Hampshire, and we can proudly say that our clients who follow us never regret it.

    • Qualified Team

    With full confidence and trust, we, being the best block paving contractors in Hampshire, present a highly skilled and qualified team. They have their command in not only designing and construction, but they repair the worn-out pathways as well.  Sometimes, our team advises the relocation of drains or drain covers, and we trust them as they always end up with jaw-dropping finishing.

    We Welcome You!

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