Be it patios, pathways, driveways, or landscaping, you have a vast choice of surfacing materials. One such material is block pavers which give a unique look to surfaces. These durable blocks are either prepared from concrete or clay. They are available in numerous colours and patterns. They are versatile and can be used for covering almost every surface. They are also a common landscaping material.

Block Paving Services in Winchester and Beyond

Our block paving Winchester services are the answer to your surfacing requirements. Give a unique look to your patios and driveways with colourful paver blocks, which are not only reliable but also easy to maintain. Choose from a variety of designs such as herringbone and basket weave for your patios or driveways. Select the shape and size you like. Cover your patio or driveway in colourful paver blocks. The choices with block paving are endless, and we are here to help you choose the best.

    Why Block Paving Is the Best Option for Surfacing?

    Since you have so many materials to choose from when it comes to surfacing, you might find yourself asking, “Why paver blocks”. The reasons are simple:

    • They are highly durable and reliable.
    • They can easily be protected from water by installing a membrane.
    • If one block gets damaged, we can replace the single block easily without disturbing the rest of the surface.
    • The choice of colours and designs offers you a bespoke design opportunity.
    • They require little to no maintenance.
    • Their versatility offers a broad range of applications.
    • Block paving Winchester is highly affordable.
    Block Paving Winchester

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    What Makes Our Block Paving the Preferred Choice of Countless Customers

    You can see the pictures of our completed block paving projects on our website, including block paving in Winchester. You can use the images to create your ideas. You can also read customer reviews. We have a happy and satisfied clientele because:

    • We are a certified and accredited construction company.
    • We have a multitude of tradesmen belonging to almost all construction fields.
    • We use top-quality paver blocks, which are known for their quality.
    • We use top-grade sealants to protect your paver blocks from water contamination and weed growth.
    • We have a broad range of designs, colours, sizes, and patterns you can choose from.

    How Do We Approach a Block Paving Project?

    A block paving project is just like any other construction activity. They require planning, designing, installation, and finishing. Our professional builders will begin by conducting a detailed inspection of your site. This is done to ensure that ground conditions are adequate for construction and that the soil quality will support the block paving. Precise measurements are taken to ensure we procure the right number of paver blocks. Site preparation will be carried out to level the ground for construction. A subbase is prepared using MOT Type 1 (which usually consists of gravel, limestone, granite, concrete, etc.). The subbase is compacted to form a firm footing for the paver blocks. A waterproof membrane is installed to protect from water contamination and prevention of weed growth. Your selected paver blocks are installed to perfection and to your complete satisfaction.

    How Is the Cost of Block Paving Calculated?

    Block paving contractors Winchester will charge you a price based on the labour hours it would take to complete the project and:

    • The size, thickness, and colour of the paver blocks.
    • The quantity of the paver blocks.
    • The quality of the paver blocks.
    • The cost of other supplies.
    • The area of the surface being covered.

    We guarantee that we offer the most competitive pricing in Winchester. Our professional builders will ensure that your block paving is carried out efficiently without wasting time or resources.

    Size, Shape, and Colour of Paver Blocks

    Paver blocks can be customised according to your requirements, but many standard shapes and sizes are also available. Shapes include brick shape, Oxford, dumble, zigzag, triangular, hexagon, etc. Common patterns include Trihex grooves, crown, herringbone, basket weave, and many more. The wide choice of colours includes yellow, grey, Autumn (mixture), heather(mixture), etc.

    Want to Know More About Our Block Paving Service?

    If you have any questions regarding block paving or want to learn more about our services, you can talk to our representative any time over the phone or contact us online through our website.