Sheet piles installed using excavator mounted vibrator and hammer attachments are an efficient method to ensure safety in bulk excavations but also reduce the amount of material removed from site. This reduces the environmental impact on a project as the loads going to landfill are limited, reducing the impact on the local road infrastructure, community and air quality.

Most projects have a significant amount of earthworks 1M CIVIL ENGINEERING have 3D CAD modelling software and the skills to carry out ‘cut and fill’ modelling on a proposed scheme to find reductions. Every TN saved from landfill is a £20 – £40 saving on a scheme (plus the added value to the environment). Every little helps and these savings soon add up to large sums of money and worth taking the effort to minimise.

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What Services do we provide?

We are a professional construction company providing services to both the commercial and residential sectors. Our services include but are not limited to ground analysis, civil excavation, refilling, foundations, etc. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing the most reliable and affordable services to our clients. Our earthwork excavation services are handled by a cohesive team of professionals, which is led by dedicated civil engineers to make sure that every step of the way is performed with perfection.

What are Earthwork Excavations?

Whether you’re building a small or major structure for a commercial or a residential project, your contractor or engineer will have to provide you with earthworks or earthwork excavation.  Excavation in civil engineering may seem simple but is a complicated process that involves mathematical calculations, soil tests, and physical labour. Other projects such as landscaping, driveways, patios, swimming pools, railways, roads, railways and installation of sewerage systems also require earthwork excavations. Various sizes of excavators may be used for different projects depending on the project and the material which has to be dug such as rocks, clay, gravel, sand, etc. Site conditions will also influence the choice of machinery and technique.

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    Earthwork Excavation process:

    The civil excavation process may differ from project to project but usually consists of the following steps:

    Project Type: Depending on the type of project, we will analyze the set of requirements for excavation. Permission from the local council or the governing authority will also be acquired before beginning any excavation.

    Site Survey: A detailed site survey will be carried out by our learned team members before they can begin excavation. The survey will include soil analysis, levelling, identification of the right foundations, etc.

    Site Clearance: Before any excavation work can begin, our team will clear the site from all garbage, waste, structures whether artificial or natural, etc to make sure that the construction is carried out properly.

    Calculations: Our engineers will calculate the extent of excavation for the type of structures that are to be built. This step involves highly technical calculations and estimations.

    Excavation Begins: Depending on the volume of excavation we will arrange the necessary machinery, tools, and team members. Excavation will be carried out effectively to ensure provide a proper foundation for building the final superstructure. Refilling the ground with the same excavated earth is a common practice if the dugout material is not contaminated. The process of excavation is just one step in the overall construction process and is usually followed by the building of foundations.

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    Qualified Professionals:

    Our team comprises civil engineers, architects, geotechnical engineers, contractors, construction workers, etc. All our operatives are licensed and have spent considerable time in their respective fields. They have been trained to use the latest tools & equipment for providing cost-effective services. We are fully aware of building regulations and best industrial practices when it comes to the construction sector. Rest assured, your civil excavation project will be completed to your satisfaction.

    Affordable Rates:

    Your earth excavation cost depends on the size of the excavation and the cost of raw material. We provide the most affordable construction services in the UK compared to our competitors. We also enjoy a very strong relationship with top vendors across the UK and can facilitate you further by procuring the required supplies at discounted prices. You will find our prices to be within your budget and we will never compromise on quality.

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    Whether you are a commercial entity or a household, get in touch with us today for the most effective construction services including civil excavation. You can request us for a free site visit. Our experts will visit your site and perform a detailed analysis of your requirements. Once the site visit is complete, our team will revert to you with a free quote. If you decide to go forward with us, we shall arrange all the required approvals, raw material, machinery, etc. We will provide you with a booking date and begin our work on the provided data. You can also request a free quote through our website and ask any questions that you may have.