Many things contribute to making a complete home. An ideal home is the perfect combination of a comfortable interior and an appealing exterior. Your outdoor space has a great impact on the overall look and feel of your home, not just for you but for guests and passers-by. One such structure that influences the outward appearance of your house is your driveway. Apart from providing the comfort and protection of parking your car right next to your home, it also serves as a welcoming visual for your guests. You may be surprised to learn that driveways also influence the estate value of your property.

Build Beautiful Driveways – Choose the Type According to Your Requirements

Whether you reside in Guildford or have a home elsewhere, your driveway is an important part of your outdoor space. We realise this importance, which is why we offer driveways built from many materials to suit your desire and your budget. We build your driveways in Guildford with utmost commitment, paying attention to every little detail and providing you with beautiful driveways.

    • Our Resin-Bound Driveways – Perfect Choice for Colourful and Fancy Driveways

    We build resin-bound driveways Guildford with polyurethane resin and aggregates. We use both natural and artificial aggregates in a host of colours. The resin forms a uniform and smooth surface layer over your driveway, which is semi-permeable. The aggregates add colour to your driveway, and you can choose from various colours. Resin-bound driveways are highly resistant to water and weather. They are also highly flexible and less vulnerable to cracks.

    • Block Paving for Driveways – Traditional and Versatile

    Block pavers are a versatile surfacing material. They can be used for surfacing patios, landscaping, and driveways in Guildford. These paver blocks can be found in almost every shape and size, prepared from either clay or concrete and available in various designs such as herringbone and basket weave. You can even find them in numerous colours and prepare your driveway Guilford multicoloured unique surfaces. They are easy to install and easy to replace. They are low-cost and require little maintenance.

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    • Tarmacadam Driveways – Affordable and Durable

    Tarmac is often used for surfacing roads, highways, and even runways. It is one of the cheapest surfacing materials and is readily available. It takes the least time to repair and is highly resistant to weather. Closely resembling and often confused with asphalt, a tarmac driveway can last up to twenty years.

    • Cobblestone Driveways – Unique and Exotic

    Cobblestone driveways are commonly seen in period properties. They give a unique and aesthetic look to your driveways Guildford. They are available in numerous colours, and you can also use them for the surfacing of patios. They can be easily replaced, and they are fairly easy to maintain. They are relatively expensive, but their look is unrivalled.

    • Concrete and Gravel Driveways – Cheap and Long-lasting

    Concrete and gravel are among the most readily available construction materials that can be used for the surfacing of driveways. Decorative gravel is also easily available and can provide a unique look to your driveway. Gravel comes in several different sizes and is highly affordable. Concrete is another very common surfacing material. It can be used for paving countless surfaces, including driveways. Just like gravel, it is highly affordable.

    • Driveway Construction Services at Their Best

    Our construction team will provide the best options for building and surfacing your driveway Guildford. Led by an experienced structural engineer, our team will perform a detailed ground analysis of your driveway location to ensure that ground conditions permit the building of a solid and long-lasting driveway. Remember, driveways have to tolerate considerably heavyweights in the form of vehicles and, therefore, should have reliable foundations. Our geotechnical engineers will make sure that your soil quality is adequate and that the right foundation is selected and prepared in the right dimensions. Our designers will help you choose the best material and provide you with a unique design for your driveways. Our builders will make sure that your driveway Guildford is built to perfection and to last for a lifetime.

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    • A complete construction team comprising professionals from different technical fields.
    • Accredited and certified construction company.
    • Premium quality surfacing materials.