Benefits of Drop Kerb Contractors Southampton

Drop kerbs provide homeowners with the convenience of accessing the main road through their driveway and may also provide you with a parking space next to your home if done right. The access remains under the public highway authority’s ownership and its maintenance remains the responsibility of the local council. For Drop Kerb Southampton, you will need the approval of the respective council. All utility installations in the area are managed by the respective utility companies.

Building Drop Kerbs

Building Drop Kerbs may seem to be a simple task, but the actual task requires several technical and legal considerations. The approval process for drop kerbs from the County Council is highly complicated. You may also need additional approvals from planning permission and the local highways authority. The building technicalities are so many that it is far from a DIY task. Therefore, we suggest hiring a team that is well aware of regulations and technical requirements. We are licensed operatives when it comes to building drop kerbs and are fully aware of all requirements. So, save yourself from all the stress and let our Drop Kerb Contractors Southampton team handle it for you.

    Our services

    We construct Drop kerbs from the tarmac, slabs, block paving, and concrete depending on your preference. It also depends on the area in which the drop kerb has to be built as regulations prohibit building them from material that looks considerably different from its surroundings. We are among the best drop Kerb Contractors Southampton; we will carry out the entire process from filing the application to the local council to building the drop kerb so you can avail of our stress-free services.

    Cost of building drop kerbs

    Your total cost of building drop kerbs includes a number of expenses that you will have to incur. The council charges a fee for application filing and a fee for conducting a survey. This fee may vary from area to area but is usually the same. Utility companies will also charge you a fee for removing the utility covers. You will also have to pay a processing fee for Planning permission and finally, the company building the Drop Kerb Southampton will also charge you a fee. Contact us today for the most affordable Drop Kerbs Contractors Cost Southampton.

    Drop Kerb Contractors Southampton

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    Important Information

    There are many conditions and requirements for building a drop kerb. Some have to be complied with when we file the application while others need to be complied with during the building process. We are mentioning some of these below, however, if you want to read all these conditions you can find them on the official website of the local council.

    • Only those Drop Kerb Contractors in Southampton can provide these services which are licensed by the council.
    • Drop kerbs Southampton should be built in a way that does not hinder or threaten the traffic.
    • Planning permission must be acquired.
    • Permission of the homeowner must be in place.
    • The drop kerb should be at a distance of 15 m or more from the nearest junction.
    • In case of approval by the council, you will that a hard and permeable driveway is in place such as block paving, tarmac, concrete, slabs, gravel)
    • Must meet the width regulation laid by the council for kerb edges.
    • Hedges and walls that restrict the view have to be removed.
    • Utility covers have to be removed by the respective utility company.
    • A single tree that has to be removed will cost you £300.

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    Get in touch with us today if you require the services of drop kerb specialists Southampton. You can call us on our registered number and talk to our representative in detail about the entire process. We will gladly answer any questions or confusion you have. You can also contact us through our website. If you need a free site visit or a free quote for our services, all you have to do is let us know. Please keep in my mind that the total time it will take to build your Drop Kerb Southampton includes the time it would take to file your application, approval time, site clearance (if required), and the construction of your drop kerb. So, hurry up and contact us today to benefit from a drop kerb build.