Welcome to 1M Civils Engineering, where we excel in domestic and industrial gravel driveways in Guildford.

Nail the first impression with us as we create stunning driveways for your homes, retails, offices, etc.

We have been creating elegant and chic surfaces for years, offering all soft and hard landscape solutions.

Whether you are on the lookout for tarmac or gravel driveways Guildford, we bring you a solution that suits your requirements perfectly. From patios to pathways and driveways, 1 M Civils Engineering has excellent surface solutions for each. Get in touch with us today.

Experienced and Qualified Contractors

Here at 1M Civils Engineering, we have a highly-qualified and skilful team that understands all the complexities of driveways extremely well.

    With well-established reputation years, we understand the importance of an attractive driveway, acknowledging this addition to the property. A properly built and installed driveway adds value and beauty to your homes and buildings. And this is why our team pays close attention to creating the best driveways for you and your properties.

    We are fully certified and have the required skill set to render a smooth and hassle-free experience.

    Benefits of having a Gravel driveway

    If you are planning to get gravel driveways in Guildford, here are some of the perks that you will be enjoying:

    • A large variety of colours to match well with your property exterior and personal requirements
    • Quick and easy installation; no lengthy procedures involved
    • Easy to maintain
    • Great for people who are on a budget
    • You can also hear footsteps clearly on the gravel driveway, which somehow makes it a safer option as well

    With 1M Civils Engineering, enjoy the perks of a beautifully installed gravel driveway, adding the missing spark to your property. We are just a call away for further assistance and queries.

    Gravel Driveways Guildford

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    Available in a Range of Sizes and Colours

    Here at 1M Civils Engineering, we bring you a wide range of colours and sizes for gravel driveways Guildford. We have a comprehensive range of sizes. The gravel size plays a huge role in the final outlook of your driveway. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to your selection.

    From wet gold corn gravel to dry heritage gravel and from red wet gravel to wet green gravel, we have a variety that is hard to find anywhere else.

    We Pay Attention to the Details

    With great experience years in the industry, our team successfully stands out in creating beautiful gravel driveways in Guildford. We pay close attention to the details, promising an exceptionally professional installation.

    From affordability to quality, you are destined to get it all here at 1M Civils Engineering.

    Approved by the Council

    We are a fully certified and insured team of builders and contractors, working together to provide each of you with secure and professional services in Guildford.

    To get further details for our gravel driveways in Guildford, get in touch with our team today.