Who We are?

We are expert providers of reliable, affordable, effective, and reliable groundworks foundations services in the UK. We also provide groundworks foundations repair services. Our team comprises contractors, civil engineers, architects, etc. Groundworks are a necessary step in the overall construction process. Effective groundworks foundations ensure that the construction project and the final infrastructure are safe.

What groundworks foundations services do we provide?

Foundations are of many types and the appropriate foundation for a particular construction project depends on the type of infrastructure you want to build, site conditions including soil quality, existing infrastructure, and trees in the surroundings. Foundations are usually classified as either shallow foundations or deep foundations.

Shallow foundations include individual footing (isolated footing), combined footing, spread footings (wall footings and strip footings), and (Mat) foundations. Deep foundations include pile foundations and drilled shafts (Caisson foundation).

We provide all types of foundations construction services. We make sure that the right foundation is selected for your construction project that complies with rules and regulations laid by British standards for construction. These regulations pertain to the following:

    Step#1: Site inspection

    • Soil Quality:

    Load bearing values are calculated to analyze if the existing soil will be able to tolerate the weight of the infrastructure. The moisture content of the soil is also estimated for analyzing the soil’s behavior to weather conditions as moisture can expand or contract the ground.

    • Load of the structure:

    The load of the structure is calculated including all materials and all installations to identify the right measurements for the footing so the groundworks construction is perfect.

    • Adjacent Structures:

    The construction of new structures should not compromise adjacent buildings.

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    • Trees:

    Nearby trees can have serious effects on the ground’s moisture content, making it expand or contract, and thus risking the infrastructure.

    • Drainage System:

    Drainage systems should not be affected because of the new foundation, it is ensured that no drainage system falls within 45 degrees of the foundation’s footprint.

    • Site conditions:

    Tests are conducted on the topsoil to analyze if it had been “disturbed” in the past or carries foreign elements/soil. It is also made sure that the site is not on a previous landfill, which would require a much stronger foundation.

    The above factors require highly technical calculations and decide which type of groundworks foundations is most appropriate. They also define what should be the perimeters of the foundations. There are also certain regulations about the measurements of the footings such as the width and the length. Leave the hassle and the stress for us. We will make sure that every regulation is complied with.

    Highly Skilled & Qualified Team

    We have gathered one of the most professional and highly skilled teams in the UK. The team includes engineers, architects, technicians, contractors, and many more from different fields. Our team members have dedicated their life to construction services and are experts at what they do. They are equipped with the latest tools & gadgets to provide effective construction solutions. Hire us for effective groundworks foundations services.

    Highly Affordable Rates

    The cost of groundworks construction depends on several factors such as the type of foundation, the size of the foundation, the extent of site clearance & ground preparation required, project time, cost of raw material/supplies, and our service charges. Rest assured, a comparison with our competitors will reveal that our estimates and rates are the lowest in the market. More importantly, we provide high-quality groundworks foundations without compromising on quality. We will do our best that your groundworks cost remains within your budget.

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    Get in touch with us today for building the right foundations that are suitable for your project and also comply with government regulations. You can call us on our registered number and arrange a site visit or a meeting with our professional team. We can provide you with a free site visit and a free estimate of our services. We will provide you with a suitable booking date for our services if you accept the free quote. We are also available twenty-four hours a day and three sixty-five days a year for any consultancy services and emergency repair services you may require.