We provide effective, reliable, and affordable construction services in the UK including Groundworks. Our groundworks services include bulk earthworks, site clearance, foundations, footings, drainage, utility connections, patios, driveways excavation, and landscaping. Our highly skilled construction team includes experienced civil engineers and contractors. Groundworks Portsmouth are one of the most significant steps in the construction of any site and include a series of processes. They ensure the safety of the infrastructure and proper operation of utilities like drainage and sanitation. These jobs cannot be performed effectively by inexperienced and untrained people. Hire us today for the flawless groundwork to ensure the safety of your civil structures.

Our Groundworks Procedure

Groundworks cover everything from ground investigation to site clearance, from foundation building for a patio to that for the highway. The safety of any construction project is highly dependent on the quality of Groundworks contractors Portsmouth. Here are the usual steps we follow when you hire us.

    4 Stages involved in Groundworks

    Investigation the ground

    Ground investigation is one of the most significant and primary steps in groundwork and the overall construction process. Our groundworks Portsmouth team gives special emphasis to the ground investigation. It helps in identifying the soil quality, any contamination, issues like improper drainage or leaking piping, ground level, etc. In short, it helps you identify whether the surface is suitable for construction or not and if you need to replace/refill soil.

    Site Clearance

    After the ground investigation has been completed. Our engineers and professionals will provide site clearance services that include cleaning the site, removal of any vegetation including trees, removal of debris and waste, and ground leveling. We are the best Groundworks Contractors in Portsmouth for site clearance.

    Technical Drawings

    Our professional will next prepare technical drawings for the project at hand. Not every construction project would require technical drawings, for instance, a driveway or a patio may not require them. They are usually required for building large or significant infrastructure. Our groundworks Portsmouth team will finalize the technical drawings and move to the construction step.

    Groundworks Contractors Portsmouth

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    Foundation laying and other structures

    The next step usually includes building Substructures like foundations. Layin down systems such as drainage systems, utilities, water supply is also installed. All these services will be provided by our experts to your complete satisfaction.

    Landscaping and Finishing

    The last step includes landscaping and finishing. The scale of these services depends on the type of construction project. For instance, patios and driveways require different landscaping than much larger infrastructure projects. We procure top-quality materials for providing a beautiful finish to your projects.

    Why are our services the best?

    Qualified Engineers and Staff

    Our Groundworks Contractors Portsmouth team includes qualified civil engineers and people from several other fields of engineering. It also includes technicians and contractors. All together we have a team that is dedicated to providing reliable services. Our team members use the latest tools for providing construction services and are well aware of the latest trends in the construction industry. Our team has turned us into one of the best Excavation and Groundwork Contractors in Portsmouth.

    Affordable Services

    Your groundworks cost depends on several factors such as the size and the type of the project, project completion time, cost of raw material, our service charges, etc. Among all the groundwork companies in Portsmouth, our prices are the most affordable. Our historical relationship with our vendors allows us to avail discounts on several supplies and we have priced our services to ensure maximum affordability. We procure high-quality raw materials and supplies from the top vendors in the UK. Whether it is concrete, piping, drainage systems, steel or other fixtures, etc everything is procured from suppliers who have established a reputation for credibility and durability.

    Contact Us

    Get a free quote for your groundworks in Portsmouth from us or arrange a free site visit. All you have to do is call us on our phone number or contact us online through our website. You can also talk to our representative in detail regarding the groundworks or any other construction service you require. If you decide to move forward with our services, we will provide you with the most suitable and convenient booking date. Any approval required from planning permission, the local council, or any other regulatory authority will be arranged by us before beginning the project so that you can avail stress-free Groundworks contractors Portsmouth services.