Patios can protect you and your family from the sun and rain. You can also use patios to keep your garden furniture when it rains. Patios Basingstoke add special aesthetic value to your garden and outdoor landscaping. They can come in handy when you arrange an outdoor BBQ for your family and friends. They can be constructed from different materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. The floor can be paved with granite, concrete, slate, woodstone, paver blocks, concrete, etc.

Our Patio Landscaping- Bring Out the Best in Your Garden

We can provide complete patio landscaping, including edging, paths, and garden brickwork. We have been creating aesthetic outdoor spaces for households in Basingstoke for years. We have a dedicated in-house team of designers, architects, and builders who can help you plan, build and pave the perfect Patios in Basingstoke for your garden.

    Raw Materials for Paving Your Patio

    • Concrete Patios:

    Concrete is one of the most common materials used for paving patios. You can choose from several finishes such as smooth, brushed, stamped, and scored. We can even give them a tint of your favourite colour or paint them for you. If you want something fancier, we can decorate it with inlays.

    • Brick Patios:

    If you are looking for a patio surface with long life and a traditional appeal, then bricks are one of your options. Bricks are available in several patterns, such as bone and herringbone. The classic look of brick patios can match different architectural and landscaping styles.

    • Block Patios:

    Paver blocks are an all-time favourite of households when it comes to landscaping, driveways, patios, walkways, etc. They are available in numerous shapes, designs, and colours. There are many reasons why paver blocks remain the top choice for surfacing patios. They are highly affordable. They have a long life. They can easily be repaired; every individual stone can be removed and replaced. They are highly versatile. Our builders can even create a multi-coloured patio for you using different colours.

    Other materials which can be used for surfacing patios include flagstone, tiles, mixed materials, etc.

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    Patio Installation in Basingstoke- We Provide the Perfect Fit

    Our builders follow an exact procedure for patio installation in Basingstoke. The process may vary according to the type of material you choose, but the basic steps remain the same. These include:

    • Planning the Layout: Our designers will plan the most aesthetically pleasing layout for your patio area. All measurements will be taken precisely to ensure that the required raw material is procured according to the requirement.
    • Excavation: Our builders will dig out the area depending on the current condition of the construction site. This is done to build a strong foundation for your patio.
    • Subbase: A subbase of MOT type 1 will be laid on the patio site. This typically consists of crushed rock, gravel, etc., and ensures a strong footing for the patio. The subbase layer is compacted to make sure it is completely levelled.
    • Edge Restraints: These are required to ensure that your paving blocks or whatever material you are using do not shift or move.
    • Membrane installation: Our professional builders will install membranes to prevent water retention and weed growth.
    • Final surfacing: Depending on whether you have chosen paver blocks or another surfacing, the final layer will be applied to your patio.

    Cost of Patio Surfacing in Basingstoke

    The total cost of surfacing a patio in Basingstoke depends on the area you want to cover and the type of material you choose for surfacing. Patio slabs in Basingstoke will have a different cost than paving blocks or granite. The cost will also depend on any additional services which your construction site may require. If the soil quality is not adequate for laying a solid foundation, it will have to be excavated and refilled with better quality soil. Any additional services performed to build your patio will have a cost. When you hire our professionals, you can be assured that we will do our best to keep your price within your budget.

    Five Reasons for Choosing Our Patios Services in Basingstoke

    • Best quality surfacing materials such as paver blocks, resin, etc.
    • Fast response to installations and emergency repairs.
    • Various customisable options for patios Basingstoke.
    • Lowest service prices in town.
    • Latest machines & tools for providing efficiency.