The key to building the perfect patio is to select the materials and designs that will make dining outside a delight you can take pleasure in for many years. In Farnham, we have planned and built hundreds of patios, ranging from tiny spaces for two people to enormous restaurant gardens.

We can improve your garden or patio and make it an addition to your living space by carefully choosing the best product in the colour and design of your choice.

At 1M Civils Engineering, we offer a broad range of services for patio installation in Farnham. No work is too big or small for us, whether it involves building new patios, walkways, or repairs, as we give it our best. For all of our patio Farnham services, we offer top-notch craftsmanship and customer care at extremely affordable costs without using gimmicks or salesmen. All of our patio services in Farnham come with a guarantee since we are proud of the work we do.

We will create a pathway that is both functional and beautiful, whether it is the path to your front door or the method to connect the different areas of your backyard.

    Is Your Patio in Need of Rebuilding or Repair?

    With the help of our patios specialists in Farnham, your patio paving can look brand new without requiring a full replacement. Your patio in Farnham will come back to life thanks to our expert cleaning services. To ensure an eco-friendly approach, our power washer can be used “chemical-free.”

    Cleanup, cutting back, and relaying to fit the surrounding surface are all options for solid patio surfaces that have problems.

    • Re-leveling of Sunken areas
    • Durable resin sealant
    • Moss/algae and weed killers
    • Paving joint resanding
    • Expert power washing
    Patios Farnham

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    Why Choose Us?

    Patios can bring a lot of charm to your house in Farnham, but it’s crucial to have them expertly installed by a patio-laying professional. This decreases the possibility that any visible cracks or holes will appear.

    Different designs and colours are available for patios. As a leading name for patios Farnham, we will perform a free, no-obligation survey of your garden or region to provide our customers with an exact Porcelain Patio estimate.

    To achieve great-looking, secure, and long-lasting outcomes, we use standard industrial techniques and a qualified professional team.

    How Much Do Our Patios in Farnham Cost?

    The price to lay a patio in Farnham might vary depending on a variety of factors:

    • The size of your patio.
    • The existing surface of the patio.
    • The paving slab or surface design you select.
    • Any necessary features or patio edging.
    • Drainage requirements for patios.
    • To receive an exact patio installation cost estimate. Just give our patio builders in Farnham a call for a cost-free quote.

    Our Services:

    • Patio Installation Services

    Patios are a great approach to expanding the outdoor living area of your house. You may make that space into a dining area that the entire family can utilise by building a patio.

    We can provide ideas for the best materials to use while renovating your house or creating an eye-catching addition. There are many different patio sizes and shapes, some of which include:

    • Brickweave patios, which are widespread and modern, come in various colours and create distinct patterns.
    • Consider courtyard options if you prefer a more classical look.
    • Larger, sturdy artificial slabs for garden paving.

    To achieve your distinct look, we offer all designs, from simple modern lines to traditional and patterned. You can choose from sandstone, granite, limestone, slate, or concrete. You can assess the excellence of our work and the fairness of our pricing.

    • High-Quality Services

    We at our company provide new patios, walkways, and pavement at great costs, along with supply and installation. We have built everything from basic courtyard patios in Farnham’s centre to complete patio, brick walls, landscaping, turfing, and fencing services for vast gardens.

    A new patio can significantly improve your well-being, the value of your home, and how you use your garden. Patios that invite you to relax and unwind in the sunshine come to mind. However, our staff can make any concept you have for your patio area a reality.

    • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Due to our company’s confidence in the quality and durability of our Farnham patios, we offer a guarantee on all new patio installations.

    Our patio contractors in Farnham make a constant effort to offer our customers great value at competitive prices. Give us a call or complete one of our online forms, and we’ll collaborate with you to create the patio of your dreams while staying within your budget.