We build bespoke and aesthetic patios for your gardens. We have substantial experience when it comes to patio designing and construction.

You can select from a variety of natural stones such as limestone, slate, granite, block paving, and Indian Sandstone. When it comes to patios, we provide the following:

  • New installation of bespoke patios Guildford
  • Repairs and cleaning

New Installation of bespoke patios

Select the type of patio installation in Guildford you want. Select the type of stone, colour, and pattern. You have a wide range of options. You can even select coloured aggregates to match the exterior of your home. Our builders will take the necessary measurements and provide you with a fresh installation of your patio. Our Patios Services in Guildford are famous for bespoke and highly customizable designs.

    Repair and cleaning of patios

    If your current patio is in a bad shape, let us know and we will perform all the necessary tasks to bring your patio to the best shape possible. When it comes to repairs and cleaning, our Patios Contractors in Guildford are the best in town. Some of our repair and cleaning activities include:

    • Re-levelling of sunken areas
    • Application of sealants
    • Removing moss/algae/weed
    • Paving joints will be re-sanded
    • Power washing of your Patios Guildford
    Patios Guildford

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    The most competitive patio installation and repair pricing

    The cost of our Patios in Guildford or repair cost depends on:

    • Patio area size
    • Patio material
    • Style and pattern
    • Patio drainage system
    • Existing site conditions

    Invite our patio experts to your site for exact estimation of cost. They will take precise measurements, advise you on the best course of action, and provide you with the most affordable price for patios.

    Our Patios Guildford installation process

    Site preparation & Cleaning:

    Our experts will clean the construction site from damaged blocks, debris, vegetation, and dirt. Soil excavation may be carried out for preparing a better foundation for your patios. Proper levelling of the ground will be carried out to make the soil firm and compact.

    Weed Prevention:

    Special membranes will be installed for preventing the growth of weeds between paving blocks or other types of patio surfaces. These membranes increase the durability and the life of your patios.

    Subbase Installation:

    After laying the membrane our experts will lay down the subbase which is typically MOT Type 1. This includes crushed rock, gravel, etc. The layer will be then levelled.

    Installation of patio surfacing:

    Installation of paver blocks or whatever type of patio material you have chosen.

    The best material for building patios

    Gravel Patios:

    Gravel patios may not sound like the right idea but it is one of the cheapest as well as the simplest ways of surfacing a patio. Gravel provides incredible drainage benefits and resists weed growth. It is not aesthetically pleasing compared to other types of surfaces and you also face discomfort when walking on it.

    Concrete Patios:

    Highly affordable and simple installation. It is also durable and long-lasting. It can also be used as a subbase for patios which can be decorated with fancy tiles. It may develop cracks if your area is prone to extreme temperatures.

    Block Paving:

    It is the most popular in the UK. The paver blocks are available in several shapes, designs, sizes and colours Another great advantage of block paving is that if an individual block gets damaged, it can be easily replaced without disturbing the entire patio.

    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    We guarantee the quality and durability of our patios and repair services.

    We offer a guarantee of several years for our new installations.

    What distinguishes us from the others in the market?

    We offer:

    • Bespoke Patios Guildford
    • A broad range of options when it comes to materials and colours
    • Highly competitive pricing
    • New installations of patios are backed by guarantees
    • Premium quality raw materials
    • Highly skilled builders
    • Efficient patio drainage systems

    If you want to learn more about patio surfaces and you cannot make up your mind regarding which one is best for you, then invite our experts to your site or talk to us over the phone.