Patios give your gardens and outdoor space a unique look and feel. Patio surfacing can make a lot of difference to the overall appearance of your garden. Together with other landscaping, patios will transform your outer space into something exotic. Patio surfacing options are endless. From something as simple as gravel to something exquisite as granite can be used for surfacing your patios. Get in touch with us for reliable and durable surfacing of Patios in Winchester.

Patios Specialists in Winchester

We provide surfacing services for patios, landscaping, and driveways. We are one of the top-ranking Patios Contractors in Winchester. All steps are performed by us, from procuring material to designing, from surfacing to finish, allowing you great comfort if you hire us for your patio surfacing. We use several materials for surfacing patios. Some of which are mentioned below.

    • Decorated Gravel Patio

    Gravel is a mix of different stones. It retains moisture, makes drainage convenient, and is extremely abundant. Decorative gravel is also available. You can choose from different colours as well as sizes. Gravel surfaced patios are kind to your pockets. They last for long if they have been installed properly. For reliable patio installation in Winchester, hire our experts, and you won’t be disappointed.

    • Block Pavers for Patio

    Paver blocks have always been a favourite when it comes to patios, pathways, driveways, and landscaping. One reason is the ease with which an individual paver can be replaced. Different sizes and patterns are available. You also have a broad choice of colours. When installed over a waterproof membrane, they can prevent weed growth. They are highly durable. You can select between clay and concrete pavers as per your desire. Select from the wide range of paver blocks we offer and build the best block paved patios in Winchester.

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    • Surfacing for Patios

    Concrete is one construction material which is used almost everywhere for construction as well as for surfacing. It is a hard and durable man-made material and can last a lifetime. Concrete patios are a common sight, and there are endless options for concrete. Only extreme weather conditions affect concrete which can be easily repaired through patchwork. Just like gravel, it is highly affordable. Our patios specialists in Winchester build the best patio for you.

    • Cobbled Stones for Patio Surfacing

    Just like paver blocks, cobblestones can also be removed and replaced easily. They are exotic and available in a large variety of colours. They are also more expensive but long-lasting than most paving materials. They offer a unique look and appearance. For highly customised cobblestone driveways, hire our patios specialists in Winchester.

    • Granite Patios

    Perhaps the hardest surfacing material for patios but also highly aesthetic and beautiful. It is anti-slip. Water does not affect granite. It is available in the form of tiles and slabs. It is more costly than all the materials mentioned above and also unique in its appearance.

    Reliable Groundworks for Patios

    Patios, just like other structures, require a strong footing. The soil or the ground you are building them on must meet certain pre-requisites. Our engineers will check the soil conditions before construction. There might be a situation where the topsoil is not favourable for patio construction. In this case, our engineers will excavate the site and refill it with better quality soil or find a more suitable soil layer. This will be followed by compacting the soil and levelling the ground. A layer of MOT Type 1 will be added before adding the membrane and the application of the chosen surfacing material.

    Waterproofing Your Patios Winchester

    Regardless of which surface you choose; our engineers always install a membrane before laying the actual surfacing material. This helps in preventing weed growth and reducing the requirement for maintenance. It also protects the surface from water. Installation of the membrane also enhances the life of your patios.

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