We are licensed and qualified providers of construction services for the housing sector, commercial sector, and public sector. Our services cover almost every construction activity, from building patios to building roads. When it comes to Road Surfacing Contractors, we provide surfacing services for streets, roads, highways, etc. We procure the highest quality raw materials which comply with international standards. Our in-house team comprises civil engineers, technicians, contractors, and others. We have the latest construction machinery to provide the best construction results while keeping in view cost efficiency.

Road Surfacing Types & Our Services

We provide several types of roads surfacings depending on the area and its usage. We are one of the top road surfacing contractors in the UK. We can provide road surfacing of the following types and many more.

Cement and Concrete are often used for constructing roads, especially those which face high traffic. They are both considered durable materials but can be costly.

    Bituminous Asphalt is also a choice for road construction. It is waterproof and reduces noise. It is relatively affordable than concrete and cement. Roads in the UK are mostly built with bituminous asphalt.

    Gravel Roads are usually common in rural areas. The underlay is usually clay. They are not built for tolerating heavy vehicles and will have to be repaired often.

    Bitmac or bituminous macadam which is tarmacadam is the quickest and the cheapest method of road surfacing. Tarmacadam has become synonymous with both asphalt and bitumen, although all three are different materials. Tarmac has exceptional properties such as high durability and weather resistance. Winds, thunderstorms, rain, and cold weather will not affect the tarmac. It can be recycled to be used again. It does not pollute water systems or the environment. It takes less time to cure than other materials. We provide the best construction services for surfacing roads and we are one of the best road surfacing contractors in the UK.

    Road Surfacing Contractors

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    Benefits of road surfacing

    Surfacing Prevents damage to roads

    Damaged and uneven roads or roads full of potholes can endanger traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists. Potholes cannot always be avoided, especially when you are traveling at a high speed they can prove to be extremely dangerous. Road surfacing and road resurfacing address these issues effectively. It can reduce the number of accidents as well and make traveling safe.

    Comfortable ride

    Smooth roads will offer you a comfortable ride and also keep your vehicles in shape. Cracked or uneven roads on the other hand will make your journey uncomfortable and also reduce the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Proper road surfacing will ensure that your travel time is enjoyable.

    Why Choose us

    Licensed contractors

    We have a team of experienced Road Surfacing Contractors New Alresford, who is capable of providing a range of civil engineering services and groundworks for minor and major construction projects.

    Our team is fully qualified, experienced, and insured to carry out work on highways and roads including road building, drainage repairs, drop kerbs, trenching, and service connections. We carry the NRSWA(New Road and Street Works Act) and other authorizations/certifications. When you consider Road Surfacing Contractors price, you will find ours to be highly affordable.

    Premium Quality raw materials

    Whether it is cement, concrete, asphalt, bituminous macadam, tarmac, or any other construction supply, we procure the top-quality raw materials from the best vendors across the UK who have established considerable repute for themselves. We have the latest construction equipment and the most modern tools for providing efficient construction activities. Road quality and life greatly depend on the type and quality of the construction material used. Despite using top quality materials, your Road Surfacing Contractors cost on your projects will stay within your budget when you hire us

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    Whether it’s a public road or a private one, you can hire us for the best Road surfacing contractors. Call us to discuss your requirements with us. We are available 24/7 on our registered number. We can also provide you with a free site visit to analyze your requirements and the project details. Our highly skilled engineers will carry out a detailed analysis before providing you with a building plan and a cost estimate.