Tarmac Driveways

The beauty of a well-constructed house gets ignored if driveways fail to give a smooth path to the house. A driveway is an extension of the main road that is personal. An even built driveway reflects the attitude and personality of the residents, and this shows how focused and interested the residents are in detailing their house. For the perfect details of the driveways, 1M Civils driveway contractors are the best ones in the industry. Our tarmac driveways Surrey have a good name in the market.

Why Do We Suggest Tarmac Driveways?

Our experts suggest that the best driveways in Surrey are Tarmac driveways. The living conditions and weather extremes make it suitable to use tarmac in driveways, and these are more common due to the uncountable benefits they provide.


Tarmac driveways in Surrey can survive the extremes of the temperature. From scorching heat to flooding season, tarmac remains stable.

    Bears Heavy Vehicles

    The tarmac’s uncompromising quality allows heavy vehicles movement without any problem. The heavy vehicles do not cause any destruction to the tarmac roads.

    Quick Processing

    Once the tarmac layer is added to the ground, it dries up quickly. This characteristic of tarmac is useful when the clients need driveways urgently. Since it dries up quickly, the number of days when your car will be parked on the road are less because they are built quicker than other driveways. Moreover, these are made rapidly or repaired during snowfall.


    Tarmac driveways in Surrey are the most affordable among multiple methods. They mix up easily and require relatively fewer resources; that is why they are easy to afford.

    Tarmac Driveways Surrey

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    Long-Lasting Tarmac

    Once the driveways are built with responsibility and kept well, they are more likely to survive to about 20 years. In these 20 years, these driveways do not show a single disruption. An affordable technique with good survival is worth it.

    Series of Tarmac for a Durable Driveway

    Driveways can be made of black or red tarmac. Furthermore, tarmac can be mixed with marble chips to give a refined shape. To fulfil the clients’ wishes for a different design, we facilitate them with tarmac mixed with marble chippings.

    In the Making of Tarmac Driveways

    Tarmac driveways in Surrey are made successfully after 1M service providers make it through a series of steps. Even though the procedure is technical, our team has a knack for their work. The first step in making the tarmac driveways Surrey includes precise calculation. The depths of the ground are measured to start the procedure. Next, with the help of the fibres, edging is done. The process of boundary helps in strengthening the edges of the driveway. Once the layer is settled, the weed growth is repressed through the geotextile membrane. Once our base is prepared, we layer it with concrete. The concrete coating is rolled with a roller machine’s help until it is levelled off. At this point, we have a sharp eye on the process as we know the drainage system will be installed. This drainage system helps by not letting water accumulate in the driveway. Lastly, tarmac is added and levelled with a roller. It is done with great precision and accuracy as this gives a complete look to your house.

    Why 1M Civils Tarmac Driveway Contractors?

    We believe in our services because we have worked on our uniqueness. Here are some factors that make us unique.

    • Skilled Team

    We have the best team on board. Our crew has all the qualities required for successful teamwork. They are skilled in their work and are cooperative and friendly. They are hired for their dedication, devotion and loyalty to their job.

    • Appropriate Machinery

    1M driveway contractors do not compromise over quality; therefore, they come in action with proper machinery. For example, we have types of machinery for measuring the depth of the ground, mixing tarmac, levelling the concrete, and so on.

    • Premium Quality Products

    All the products we use are of premium quality and meet the industry’s international standards. We focus on quality, as this defines our attitude towards work.

    • Insurance and Guarantee

    All the services we provide are insured, and we guarantee the repair of the driveways to our clients.

    • Expert Adviser   

    If you are confused about the right type and design of tarmac driveway, you need not worry. We have experts who can give you the best advice, and their piece of suggestion never goes wrong. Not only us, but our clients trust our consultants too.

    • Comfortable in Every Property

    Our experienced team can work on any Property, and this may be commercial-sized driveways or residential driveways.

    • Budget Cut Down

    Our firm offers every possible cut down in the budget. For example, expenses are cut down on existing driveways. No additional charges are imposed, and we stick to what is decided before working.

    Open to Further Queries

    For further discussion and queries and to know about the tarmac driveway cost, feel free to contact us.